Monday, 31 January 2011

fairy godmother

 (florsheim - imperial shoe)

my madre returned to the homeland the other week and came back bearing me these beauties courtesy of my godmother, can you say ridiculously amazing, shoes completely off their socks on... well... crack! (also sorry for the blurry photos but my camera has gone on a holiday).

S x


(mary-kate olsen in elle setpember 2008 & ashley olsen in marie claire september 2009)

if i could have a fraction of their business success, i'd be happy. and you can't deny that they are pretty. sigh. 

K x

Sunday, 30 January 2011

wild moment

i am a total sucker for this competition. i love love love nature shiz, and this natural history museum exhibition is something i get all excited like a baba for every year. i am a little fan of photography, and i am rather fond of an image that has soft focus where it is hard to recognise if it is a photograph or a painting. the 'floodwater tapestry' by peter cairns is so beautiful i am purchasing it, so excited. i bought the postcard of 'the moment' by bridgena barnard for my mama as it looks very much like my pooch poppy who sometimes karate chops us (and resembles a goat/donkey with the legs of a springbok - bless her, she was supposed to be a pedigree pup). it makes me chortle every time.

K x

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Friday, 28 January 2011

king karl for maison michel

(maison michel spring/summer 2011 photographed by karl lagerfeld)

mouse ears are just so versatile, i bow down to the milliner extraordinaire that is maison michel for making beautiful things for my head.

K x


(elie saab couture spring 2011, images via vogue)

so, so beautiful.

K x

Thursday, 27 January 2011

take me there

(metronomy - she wants)

heard on the guardian music blog pure genius, love the video, the song and the people, way too cool for school. enjoy.

S x

birth control glasses

i am awaiting the curse/blessing of poor eyesight so i can sport these hotties. i refuse to wear them as an accessory when my eyesight is really quite spiffing, but mama and papa ives have promised me that like them, i shall soon be blind as a bat. so for the time being i shall be stealing/temporarily borrowing sally's new spectacles, and i can dream over the important questions of do i choose the emerson's or the sheldrake's? and in black or cocobolo? time well spent. ahh. 

K x

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


is it bad how much i'm crushing on this beauty?! fierce, sexy and complete m-r.

S x

moomin bun devotee

(kate bosworth)

beautiful kate wears it too well.

K x

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

spring man

sally shared this tommy ton love with me and it just had to be shared with you. he has been shooting the menswear scene in florence, milan and paris for and it is just wonderful. there are too many words to say about how much love i have for this (i hope that one day the bottom image will be the boy and i).

K x 

fantastic miss fox

(wildfox white label spring 2011)

major crush on wildfox's white label collection. noteworthy items include the sequin sleeveless shirt (i can't stop myself), the diaphragm tee, the chanel temporaries and her bangs.

K x

Monday, 24 January 2011

ballet beautiful

(mila kunis)

i couldn't credit black swan without acknowledging the utter babe that is mila kunis. major girl crush <3

K x

wonderfully heartbreaking

(natalie portman)

darren aronofsky's entrancing yet devastating black swan blew me away, it has not left me since (seriously, i didn't sleep a wink after and have been sporting a shexay panda face since). it was the first time i completely lost myself in a film, natalie portman was wonderful. i am completely in love with this film and it is definitely up there with hazza p himself.

K x 

Sunday, 23 January 2011

london art fair

(geraldine gliubislavich, alice attie & mark demsteader)

a few gems from the 2011 london art fair exhibit, even though the list was endless of fabulous sculpture, paintings and photography (all of which I watched people consider buying - boo hoo jealous), these were my three favourites. the most unusual gallery was jealous gallery, roll on next saturday for a mini trip to n8. big love.

S x

Saturday, 22 January 2011

just love

it is super chilly and i want to dream of summer ensembles, so am happily wondering around the fanciful world (the wide web sort) in my reindeer jumper where i can virtually window shop (far more satisfying than the physical sort). i would now like pretty much every item of clothing from just female. major love. if the marathon gives me those legs, i intend to wear the roll-up shorts with the sleeveless shirt combo fo sho, and the shiny black skirt with the, er, sleeveless shirt combo (ok i am falling for sleeveless shirts). love love love. 

K x

Friday, 21 January 2011