Friday, 30 November 2012


real life shoe porn. amaze. i'm super super happy - my little jessiemonster is coming to london tomorrow for fun times, i'm so excited. i'm also super super angry - poor salzburg was robbed and i'm going to catch the little douche/s. have had quite an exciting week, eek... hope you all have a lovely rest of friday!

K x

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


pretty annoying this is in petite, i'm def not near 5ft 3, but this parka is perfect - cinches in at the waist, big chunky collar, yummy dark khaki and dips low enough but not too low for the bottom. 

K x

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Monday, 26 November 2012



love this leather purse - super cool christmas present idea. in other news, the last week has probably not been the shining week of my health. on top of the most unnecessary cold i've been sporting, i managed to get some silly chest infection and then managed to give young salz a little scare with a delightful post-scone coughing fit yesterday where both of us were pretty sure that was the end of me. but alas, i'm alive and kicking and think i should probs go get some antibiotics (the advice i give you all is listen to your mama, she is normally/always right). but other than my tale of woe, i actually had quite a cool weekend. went shopping in selfridges with my ma, ate lunch at busaba earthai, went to my favourite exhibition at the natural history museum, had the most amazing dinner at zuma, poodled to the roof gardens, trekked and nattered around hyde park and ate a bag of maltesers. so all in all, apart from the non-breathing moment, i've had another lovely weekend. bring on this week! and average health! yippee!

K x

Friday, 23 November 2012

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

body talk

dayum, some much needed thinspiration from dasha. i think i am finally getting the whole work/social/me-time balance just right. yippee. loving being a tech-geek by day, spending wonderful time with my bros, blogging more regularly, not hating on fashion anymore and now just need to schedule the gym back in there properly again (work has been a little hectic the last couple of weeks and many a cookie has been consumed + i have had the lurgy for three whole days. meh) and i'll be pretty damn content. holla. 

K x

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

hally hoop


these are my new kicks that i got on saturday. if you follow me on instagram, this is yesterdays news but i only just got reacquainted with my camera (thanks pa) so the blog is a little slow on the uptake (and um i may have worn them for two days now so they're not as spangly as they were). soz. on the way to purchase these, tash warned me that i would become addicted to hi tops (she's been wearing hi tops for years - she is much cooler than me. i've been a little scared of day-wear trainers for most of my more fashionable adult life, only last year did i finally wear my converse out), and she is totes right. i love them. i used to be completely addicted to buying heels, don't get me wrong, they are shoe porn, but i just don't wear them enough (ever) for it to be justifiable anymore. so when i went through my post-uni 'i hate fashion' phase, i've become quite the scrooge when it comes to buying anything. i'm afraid if it's not got the wearbability, i won't touch it. it was funny, coming out of uni i was convinced i wanted to wear a pencil skirt and look a babe, but since working in the google campus and being a geek, i'm really getting into dressing - dare i say - comfortably cool. i think i look a little bit cool. you probs disagree. anyway, my poor mama is probably despairing at the thought of me in trainers (she moans at my converse because i have "lots of pretty shoes") but i'm all about cost per wear now and saving these pennies means i can buy far more extravagant investment pieces (i have two lined up... holla!). 

K x

Sunday, 18 November 2012


these cheapies are pretty banging. in other news, had the most wonderful saturday yesterday with tash (the only boyfriend i'll ever need). the reason i have not put the relevant pictures with this text is because they are all on my instagram, and my fb, and i don't want to spew the same content everywhere. so if you fancy having a look, check out my instagram. anyway, we thought we could be actual real life tourists and headed to oxford circus to cross some things off our lists (neither of us are massive shoppers, we had a list, we stuck to list, we got out of there) and we both did pretty well. tash managed to haggle some boots down in river island, i got my beats replaced, got some new kicks (i'll do a post when i have my beloved camera back) and tried on my dream jacket. we popped into burberry's flagship store on regent street (which is amaze) and they had some kids thing on where they were giving out christmas cookies, gold burberry balloons, balloons that could be made into whatever you wanted, they had face painting and a magical man who did some crazy shiz with glass balls. so yeah, we had a lot of fun. after, we tied our gold balloons to our bags and poodled to borough market for meat and alcohol and then retired to our respective homes to chill the frig out. honestly, was one of the nicest days i have had in ages. happy sunday everyone, especially as my abba partner returns from travelling today and i am very very excited and this should be celebrated across the land.

K x

Friday, 16 November 2012


(nasty gal holiday 2012 lookbook)

what a doll, frida looks super banging in nasty gal's lookbook. love the photography.

K x

Thursday, 15 November 2012


was most excited yesterday that my new iPhone 5 case arrived. slightly annoyed i left my darn camera back in cambridge so all i've got is this beaut taken from my instagram. anyway, i hate phone covers but not when they make me look as grown-up as this one. i've already had one threat of "please don't get it out in public, i'll pretend i don't know you" but luckily for the threat-ee the tail can pop off so all embarrassing situations are avoided. i got it in smoke grey - i tend to mention that i hate colour, but i did contemplate the red/pink version, but i wasn't sure how much it would have damaged my street cred. as i said on my instagram, i'm hoping to be taken most seriously at the office today. i'm sure my fellow google campus-ers will be most jealous. 

K x

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


one of the absolute joys of living in the kensington & chelsea area is that you meet an array of the most unjustifiably arrogant men. i had the pleasure of coming across one recently who told me he hated my sacred bobble hat. and that i should consider not wearing it. and so, from this day forward, i am on a mission for the biggest bobble hat that i shall wear on my head everywhere and anywhere. these would do for starters. 

K x

Saturday, 10 November 2012

caradise i

(matt irwin for print issue 03)

i've split this post up into two parts because cara most deserves it - portrait-cara & on-the-street-cara. have made a shrine for my favourite british beaut and i'm quite obsessed. the first and last shots are amazing. 

K x