Tuesday, 20 November 2012

hally hoop


these are my new kicks that i got on saturday. if you follow me on instagram, this is yesterdays news but i only just got reacquainted with my camera (thanks pa) so the blog is a little slow on the uptake (and um i may have worn them for two days now so they're not as spangly as they were). soz. on the way to purchase these, tash warned me that i would become addicted to hi tops (she's been wearing hi tops for years - she is much cooler than me. i've been a little scared of day-wear trainers for most of my more fashionable adult life, only last year did i finally wear my converse out), and she is totes right. i love them. i used to be completely addicted to buying heels, don't get me wrong, they are shoe porn, but i just don't wear them enough (ever) for it to be justifiable anymore. so when i went through my post-uni 'i hate fashion' phase, i've become quite the scrooge when it comes to buying anything. i'm afraid if it's not got the wearbability, i won't touch it. it was funny, coming out of uni i was convinced i wanted to wear a pencil skirt and look a babe, but since working in the google campus and being a geek, i'm really getting into dressing - dare i say - comfortably cool. i think i look a little bit cool. you probs disagree. anyway, my poor mama is probably despairing at the thought of me in trainers (she moans at my converse because i have "lots of pretty shoes") but i'm all about cost per wear now and saving these pennies means i can buy far more extravagant investment pieces (i have two lined up... holla!). 

K x