Thursday, 15 November 2012


was most excited yesterday that my new iPhone 5 case arrived. slightly annoyed i left my darn camera back in cambridge so all i've got is this beaut taken from my instagram. anyway, i hate phone covers but not when they make me look as grown-up as this one. i've already had one threat of "please don't get it out in public, i'll pretend i don't know you" but luckily for the threat-ee the tail can pop off so all embarrassing situations are avoided. i got it in smoke grey - i tend to mention that i hate colour, but i did contemplate the red/pink version, but i wasn't sure how much it would have damaged my street cred. as i said on my instagram, i'm hoping to be taken most seriously at the office today. i'm sure my fellow google campus-ers will be most jealous. 

K x