Monday, 26 November 2012



love this leather purse - super cool christmas present idea. in other news, the last week has probably not been the shining week of my health. on top of the most unnecessary cold i've been sporting, i managed to get some silly chest infection and then managed to give young salz a little scare with a delightful post-scone coughing fit yesterday where both of us were pretty sure that was the end of me. but alas, i'm alive and kicking and think i should probs go get some antibiotics (the advice i give you all is listen to your mama, she is normally/always right). but other than my tale of woe, i actually had quite a cool weekend. went shopping in selfridges with my ma, ate lunch at busaba earthai, went to my favourite exhibition at the natural history museum, had the most amazing dinner at zuma, poodled to the roof gardens, trekked and nattered around hyde park and ate a bag of maltesers. so all in all, apart from the non-breathing moment, i've had another lovely weekend. bring on this week! and average health! yippee!

K x