Sunday, 18 November 2012


these cheapies are pretty banging. in other news, had the most wonderful saturday yesterday with tash (the only boyfriend i'll ever need). the reason i have not put the relevant pictures with this text is because they are all on my instagram, and my fb, and i don't want to spew the same content everywhere. so if you fancy having a look, check out my instagram. anyway, we thought we could be actual real life tourists and headed to oxford circus to cross some things off our lists (neither of us are massive shoppers, we had a list, we stuck to list, we got out of there) and we both did pretty well. tash managed to haggle some boots down in river island, i got my beats replaced, got some new kicks (i'll do a post when i have my beloved camera back) and tried on my dream jacket. we popped into burberry's flagship store on regent street (which is amaze) and they had some kids thing on where they were giving out christmas cookies, gold burberry balloons, balloons that could be made into whatever you wanted, they had face painting and a magical man who did some crazy shiz with glass balls. so yeah, we had a lot of fun. after, we tied our gold balloons to our bags and poodled to borough market for meat and alcohol and then retired to our respective homes to chill the frig out. honestly, was one of the nicest days i have had in ages. happy sunday everyone, especially as my abba partner returns from travelling today and i am very very excited and this should be celebrated across the land.

K x