Wednesday, 26 September 2012

le pom


gosh, i haven't posted in so long that blogger has gone and changed the dashboard format. yikes. it's all shiny and new. i'm so very sorry for not posting, i started a new job that has zero to do with fashion and a lot to do with technology, and so fashion has not entered my brain. today is the first day i checked the new-in's at topshop and asos in weeks, i'm not sure who i've turned into. i did however get the iPhone 5 which is my new child. ah nein, i'm officially a geek. anyway, i found this oversized beast of a scarf on asos with four random pom pom balls on the corners and i would very like it very much. it could be a blanket, it's seriously huge, big enough for me to swamp into. 

K x

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


(marc jacobs spring/summer 2013 via tfs)

oh my gosh cara looks amazing. her eyebrows, that hair, those teeny weeny legs... i die.

K x

Sunday, 9 September 2012


large apologies for lack of updating. enjoyed what seems to be the unofficial last hot day of the british summer today, twas lovely. then due to my recent bbc iplayer addiction, i was thrilled to be able to watch a single man. watch it. tis free and tom ford makes it beautiful. aline weber (above) features in it and she looks very bardot and wonderful and i instantaneously wished i too could backcomb my hair and wear black eyeliner everyday. 

K x