Wednesday, 30 January 2013


i'd really like a baby tiger. i would settle for a puppy.

K x

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


i love drop shoulder tops. i normally get them in the form of boys t-shirts or from topshop jersey basics, but the problem with topshop jersey basics is that they don't last all too long. they tend to be an unwanted short-term fling (i fall in love for the long-term). i've bought a couple of m&s ones (their quality wins) but they were really quite ugly. alas, i'd super like this stripy chap (and i have a feeling that from jl, it is going to last yippee) - a couple sizes bigger than normal (i need bagginess on top, i'd literally squirm if i had jersey clinging on to me) with black skinnies and converse/wedge hi tops. excellent caszh wear.

K x

Monday, 28 January 2013

Friday, 25 January 2013

stuff girls like

so v-day is less than three weeks away, and, unfortunately for me, my present and evening have all been planned and it's all one big sodding surprise (anxiety has already set in). in case the chap is trying to double bluff me and he hasn't done anything, i have accumulated a pretty banging list of perfect valentine's day presents. i've recently started to like the idea of jewellery again (i know! who knew!) and because i can't afford it, i'm hoping the chap uses this post as a reference for all upcoming occasions (i joke) (i don't). if you are a boyf and completely forgot that the special v-day is arriving, have a snoop through my guide of wonderful gifts that would make girls happy and not be in a strop with you (all links and deets are below the images because i'm helpful like that, and i've tried to put them in to some sort of order so it doesn't overwhelm you and blow your mind).

/ pretty sure i'll have to buy this for myself.

/ these ring are super cute. you can stack them up and have the initials of whoever you think is sexy, kim k style. or you could spell out love. cos that is nice.

/ these nugget bracelets are yummy, i want one (again, i'm sure i'll just have to buy it for myself). personally i like the labradorite stone, but you can get a green onyx or moonstone if that is what you're into. 

/ i love dogeared stuff. their red string bracelets are yummy, but i think for v-day you'd probs want something that lasts a little longer (the bracelets are intended to fall off naturally and your wish comes true. it's all very sweet). the red string 'make a wish' bracelets would make a good 'i am very sorry for being utterly useless' kind of present. the first one is more romantic, the second one is just one that i would like. 

/ i mean if you want to say you like someone, love even, what better way to say than with leather goods. obviously first choice would be the celiné boston, but seeing as that is virtually impossible to get hold of, let alone even look at, givenchy's antigona bag is a good runner up. personally i'd get the black grainy leather as it is less likely to scratch and get damaged, but if she's like an actual proper lady then you should probs get the smooth leather. i'm going to put it out there - you get this, i guarantee she won't be mean to you for a while (timing dependant on meanness of gf).  

/ the beauty of these animal onesies, is that they're fun and sexy at the same time. and what is even more beautiful, is that you can get one too and when you're having a good old snuggle, you can snuggle in these together (for more of a selection, click here. i think the dinosaur or the giraffe make good boy ones). these two are my personal faves. i'm genuinely not taking the piss, girls love this shiz. for me, the weirder/funner the present is, the happier i am (the chap bought me a plastic toy hippo - i was more overwhelmed with gratitude towards that hippo than i was when i got taken to zuma for dinner). me and my chums would have a party wearing these and would think it is the best day of our lives. 

/ lastly, bake her some cookies. not as the main present, as a starter. make sure they're super gooey and yummy then bam this stamp into them and you look like you're loving and thoughtful. boom. 

(i love you cookie stamper via suck uk. don't worry, there's a recipe on there before you start hyperventilating.)

ok chaps, get back to work and earn some moola to buy her something amaze.

K x

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

last days in paris

simple candid shots of models are to me the most beautiful. spesh in black and white, i almost forgot how much i love black and white photography. magdalena is flawless. 

K x

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


oh my, i'm going to have such foot envy once these beauts start to get worn by beautiful footed people (once the snow has gone away. seriously snow, go away, you didn't snow enough in london for me to get any snow days but enough for me to ski into work without skis on the horribly slippy paths). i have unfortunately been cursed with hobbit feet, something fellow fenland girls have also, and are subjected to a life of foot-shame (probs something to do with the water). if i had beautiful feet, i would wear these. they're so wonderful and simple and 90's-carrie. they would go with everything and my life would be 100x better, but alas, i must stick to toe covering (i am partial to a bit of peep toe, can't scare many away with such little toe action). i genuinely hate feet, but i will be an absolute foot pervert if i see them delicately encased in these. 

K x

Monday, 21 January 2013


(it's my birthday, shimmy shimmy)

nawww, my little blog turns two today! growing up so fast. thank you lovely readers for being semi-interested in my glorious posts. 

K x

Sunday, 20 January 2013


(my snowy balcony, from my instagram)

gosh london has been especially chilly the last week. i am currently in hibernation, could happily just sleep for the rest of this cold spell. yesterday i went to the london blogger meet up orgainsed by rosie (of the londoner) at b-soho. there were a lot of fellow bloggers there, i felt most sheepish and quickly plodded myself down in browhaus' chair and got my eyebrows did. i am quite impressed with them, normally my lower forehead enjoys going a nice shade of red post-thread, but i looked like a normal human being afterwards (with better eyebrows). i can only presume that this was because it was free and free treatments are painless in every sense. if you've been looking at my instagram, you would have seen my excitement at becoming chums with saule, we both escaped a pretty deep conversation about blogging for fußball (priorities are in order) and then i poodled along for tea with my little salz, and then did my dreaded half marathon training (i'm doing a half marathon in march - i keep being reminded that it was my clever idea). went briefly along to ping last night, and literally bounced within an hour because i am a hermit and proud. i'm hoping this snow gets a bit more serious about its job and gridlocks london so i don't have to move for the next few days. 

K x

Thursday, 17 January 2013


(blumarine spring/summer 2013)

haven't liked a campaign this much in ages - spesh a spring/summer one - so so romantic and ethereal. shot by camilla akrans, completely in love with her style of photography. 

K x

Monday, 14 January 2013

Friday, 11 January 2013



so the chap bought me the (what should have been) lovely mulberry teddy gloves, but all has turned a little sour with them. after the delivery, i found a stitching problem so poodled along to the store and got a brand shiny new pair last saturday. and then yesterday, young salz popped over for a sleepover and some chicken and she slipped her normal sized hand in to one of the gloves and it just fell apart. a proper tear and a proper sound to accompany it. not impressed. gloves should not fall apart that easily, especially a pair from mulberry. anyway, i have completely fallen out of love with them and it is getting mighty chilly outside and my poor, poor hands need-a-warming. asos have come to the rescue with these yetti styled beauts, they look pretty much exactly the same, yes maybs a bit more on the puffy side, but far cheaper and they still have a leather cuff. boom. mulberry, you can fool me once but i shall not be fooled twice.

K x

Thursday, 10 January 2013

collective spirit

what a beautiful bunch of british babes (in no particular order - cara delevingne, sam rollinson, rosie tapner, edie campbell, jourdan dunn, lara mullen, stephanie hall & charlotte wiggins).

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