Sunday, 20 January 2013


(my snowy balcony, from my instagram)

gosh london has been especially chilly the last week. i am currently in hibernation, could happily just sleep for the rest of this cold spell. yesterday i went to the london blogger meet up orgainsed by rosie (of the londoner) at b-soho. there were a lot of fellow bloggers there, i felt most sheepish and quickly plodded myself down in browhaus' chair and got my eyebrows did. i am quite impressed with them, normally my lower forehead enjoys going a nice shade of red post-thread, but i looked like a normal human being afterwards (with better eyebrows). i can only presume that this was because it was free and free treatments are painless in every sense. if you've been looking at my instagram, you would have seen my excitement at becoming chums with saule, we both escaped a pretty deep conversation about blogging for fußball (priorities are in order) and then i poodled along for tea with my little salz, and then did my dreaded half marathon training (i'm doing a half marathon in march - i keep being reminded that it was my clever idea). went briefly along to ping last night, and literally bounced within an hour because i am a hermit and proud. i'm hoping this snow gets a bit more serious about its job and gridlocks london so i don't have to move for the next few days. 

K x