Friday, 11 January 2013



so the chap bought me the (what should have been) lovely mulberry teddy gloves, but all has turned a little sour with them. after the delivery, i found a stitching problem so poodled along to the store and got a brand shiny new pair last saturday. and then yesterday, young salz popped over for a sleepover and some chicken and she slipped her normal sized hand in to one of the gloves and it just fell apart. a proper tear and a proper sound to accompany it. not impressed. gloves should not fall apart that easily, especially a pair from mulberry. anyway, i have completely fallen out of love with them and it is getting mighty chilly outside and my poor, poor hands need-a-warming. asos have come to the rescue with these yetti styled beauts, they look pretty much exactly the same, yes maybs a bit more on the puffy side, but far cheaper and they still have a leather cuff. boom. mulberry, you can fool me once but i shall not be fooled twice.

K x