Tuesday, 22 January 2013


oh my, i'm going to have such foot envy once these beauts start to get worn by beautiful footed people (once the snow has gone away. seriously snow, go away, you didn't snow enough in london for me to get any snow days but enough for me to ski into work without skis on the horribly slippy paths). i have unfortunately been cursed with hobbit feet, something fellow fenland girls have also, and are subjected to a life of foot-shame (probs something to do with the water). if i had beautiful feet, i would wear these. they're so wonderful and simple and 90's-carrie. they would go with everything and my life would be 100x better, but alas, i must stick to toe covering (i am partial to a bit of peep toe, can't scare many away with such little toe action). i genuinely hate feet, but i will be an absolute foot pervert if i see them delicately encased in these. 

K x