Monday, 18 April 2011


um so yesterday i ran my first london marathon, i managed to complete it quicker than planned in 4 hours and 25 minutes and have raised over £2,000 for unicef. i am quite the proud bear. near the end just past big ben i trotted past a beautiful being which was agyness deyn, she looked like she was flagging a bit and seeing as i was high on excitement i waved to her like a crazy person would, and she smiled. honestly, she is beautiful. otherworldly so. anyway, it was a lovely day, my family & friends were amazing, i am so proud i have such amazing people who love me. the sun decided to make it harder for everybody and i have now discovered i have caught the rays in a semi-circle on my neck and have two white ipod holder and gel pouch straps on my arms. should look good for celebrating the boys birthday tonight in cambridge. mini adventure to the shire with salz here we come...

K x