Monday, 23 May 2011

worth it

um so i swear by this stuff. i randomly went to the launch at liberty's last summer (was really very random) and am quite the pessimist when it comes to beauty shiz (my brother is a science phd-er and is literally baffled at the made up words beauty brands use to sell their jazzed up liquid plastic) so i was not really expecting anything from this brand. i guess they had me when i got my first scone, but yes, this stuff actually works. it is organic, so it doesn't coat your hair in plastic (like all/most other shampoos and conditioners) and works on all hair types (i'm not messing wit you fo sho) and it does what you wish your hair would. i have long, thin (at one stage i swear i was balding) hair that i want to feel and look like it is thick and not weighed down and this stuff actually does it. without me having to stick my hair through a diffuser. it would work on thick hair (the girl i went to the launch with had thick, curly, unruly hair she wanted tamed - she too became a convert. as did her boyfriend) and literally any hair type (even afro and is apparently amazing for colour treated hair). the bonus is that you are not supposed to use lots of it, around a 10 pence piece sized blob and you are supposed to massage it properly into your hair, and thoroughly wash it out. i've still got the same bottles that i had from the launch and have been rationing it for as long as possible as it is way more expensive than any of the other rubbish i used to use. regardless, it makes my hair feel amazeballs and i totes recommend it. 

K x