Friday, 10 June 2011


(K - asos dress, topshop jacket, chanel bag. S - dress & jacket from istanbul, vintage chanel bag)

both of us are not feeling so fresh this morning (poor sally is at work, i'm slobbing on the sofa). we were invited to canterbury's press/bloggers party last night in shoreditch (lovely ella came also) as i am surreally going to be in their spring/summer 2011 lookbook for the launch of their womenswear lifestyle range. we drank copious amounts of alcohol and lucky for me, hummingbird have just opened up a store east side and there were cakes. so i ate them. all. the scribbler was there and in a drunken haze i remember playing fußball with ella and being illustrated, i'm looking forward to seeing her sketches. we are off out again tonight and i am very excited indeed. 

K x