Thursday, 28 July 2011


so only one of the holiday objectives was completed, which was my one to get the boy and i brown. the boy however failed on his objective to get me fit, quite the opposite happened and my jeans are snug. horribly so. anyway, instead of scaring you all away with my blubba unnecessarily modelling it, i still wanted to share my favourite bikini from the holiday. i love it for four reasons; firstly it is ruffled and makes my little boobs look less teenage boy like (but without the ghastly over-padding you can get in some gilly bikini's, i have nothing so there really is no point trying to pretend), secondly i can tie the bottoms to whatever size a may have fluctuated to throughout the holiday, thirdly it is a triangle top which allows perfect tanning with the least amount of white triangles when both ties are tied around the back, and lastly i am in in love with the print. i have actually started to collect this bikini in different colour ways and it is a habit i must break.

K x