Saturday, 1 October 2011


so since the evil slimy thief from work stole my precious alexa, i have been trying to think of what to replace her with. i guess it would have made sense to just buy a replacement alexa, but it just did not feel right. i had my alexa. and now she is gone. also it has gone up like £100+ since i bought it and paying extra for her felt even more wrong. so i have been on the search for my perfect black bag and the rocco won. i did a bit of research about him (he is totes a boy baby) and it sounded so beautiful with the squishy leather and the hardware, but the only problem i am came across was its weight. now i am no one to talk, i am not light in the slightest, but apparently rocco buyers of the world are complaining that he is heavy. i had been working on my biceps and my triceps before the slight life glitch, so the plan was to get back to the weights and take a trip to selfridges and test my bad boys out. i was really actually hoping that when seeing it, i'd despise it (therefore not needing to sell my arm for it) but i fell in love. yes, he is heavier than normal but he only seems to weigh a little more than my chanel quilted classic flap baby and regardless, he is a beauty. and mine (yay!). oh and close companions of mine will be delighted to know that my 1.5 litre bottle of evian fits like a dream.

K x