Wednesday, 4 July 2012


so so looking forward to the autumn/winter season (clothing wise). it is always my most favourite time to want and actually like new shizzle. one of topshop's trends for the coming season is scandi girl and i couldn't be happier. being a half-scandi girl i can genuinely say that everything in the lookbook is so up my street - fair isle patterns, bobble hats, knitted goodness, shearling and manly ankle boots. massive yay. in other most important news, it is mother bear's birthday today (she is 100% a scandi girl, she grew up in a forest and everything. bless her.) and i've got her the most banging present. she really is most wonderful, without her the last year would have been even more awful. she is totes a super mother and i am terribly proud of her.

K x