Friday, 12 October 2012


ah, i apologise again. i'm rubbish at the moment - my posting is really bloody awful. anyway. i'm on instagram! with my shiny new iphone child i can now actually take pictures that don't make me die inside. if you want to follow me (for what i can only imagine are pictures of food, my dog and my beautiful friends), my username is katrina_bean. i'm a baby at this so i am sorry for my lack of knowledge but it will improve i'm sure. and i might actually get the hang of it. the mama and papa went to the lake district and brought back some (a lot) of herdy stuff, most notably the gingerbread herdy that you dunk in your tea. very nommy indeed. they recommend a 5-10 second dunk, i personally found the longer you dunked it - the better. it doesn't fall apart or anything, tis wonderful. looking forward to this weekend for various reasons, hope you all have a lovely weekend.

K x