Saturday, 2 February 2013

petworth house

on wednesday night i was invited to the magnificent petworth house for a private viewing of turner's sussex exhibition. just the house itself was so wonderful. the walls were encased with original paintings and carvings (there were some extra turner's dotted about) and there was a little chap playing the saxophone. "rhubarb" held the party in the dining room (which is still used as a dining room for actual eating by the family that still live in part of the house - lucky lucky chaps) and they did an excellent job, there was an abundance of fizz and the canapés were presented beautifully on the most delightful platters. my fave nibbles were the beetroot and goats cheese macaroons ("rhubarb" partner with heston blumenthal so it is all most extraordinary). we were treated to a private tour of part of the house and the exhibition (which itself is very teeny, but absolutely worth a visit as you are able to see his sketches and his other artwork that lives at the house). the chap and i got most merry and skipped away with our goody bags with a handy on-the-train-home-snack-bag. cannot wait to return in the spring/summer to explore the grounds and house in a little more light and pretend that i live there. 

K x