Friday, 26 April 2013


ok so this i feel is going to be a bit of a ramble, so brace yourselves (or you have permission to click the inviting x and close down this page). you may have noticed i've been pretty awful at consistent updates with my poor little blog, and it is not because i am lazy or anything of those sorts, it is simply because i haven't been finding much stuff i genuinely wanted to post up. i only post stuff i love, and it is becoming apparent to me that i am a tad obsessed with homeware and not fashion. spesh these cushions, aren't they just wonderful? you see chaps, i've become a bit of a fashion hermit again. i only really wear my gym clothes or my leggings and some god awful t-shirt. i don't even think i wan't a boston bag anymore. i know. wtf. it's scary for me too. i went and enjoyed london's glorious short-lived sun yesterday afternoon with my manfriend and i wore all black/grey (appaz the gold rims on my aviators do not count as colour). i genuinely dress like an emo boy. and the manfriend has begged for me to get a haircut (i haven't had it cut by a hairdresser since, shite, literally about 12 months ago. oh gawd that really is awful). anyway, fear not my friends, this is not some sort of downward spiral, in fact i really couldn't be much happier, i just feel that i'm getting older and more boring and shopping for clothes is something i really don't enjoy all that much anymore. i've been working on something quite exciting (for me, possibly not for you) and looking forward to lots of stuff. 

moving on, i will continue to post beauts things when i come across them and i'm far more at one with instagram so you can catch my thrilling daily life stuff on there if you really want it. ramble over. over and out. 

K x