Sunday, 27 March 2011

new baby boy

um so this is my new baba. i don't really know how i ended up having it, it was all very random and some what weird. but yes, mama bear took me shopping (she is a recent graduate of my bag knowledge training, she now has a small mulberry army. it is wonderful), obvs felt i was deserved of leather goods after a series of recent unfortunate events and well, yes, now i have my new child. mama bear has given me a little loan which i am excited to pay back with my new job and well yay. the joy of bringing home a new baby brother for my little bag family and general loveliness from some of my old buds and the new job has resulted in huge happiness for me at the moment. so haters fyi, you can suck it. i have a northern friend and she is ready for you. however, lovers and happy people, thank you for reading the Q. project blog. it makes me eerily happy that people actually read this shiz. big love to you all. 
K x