Friday, 29 June 2012


this week i have been proudly sporting these beasts. the little bro lent me his headphones when i was home needing something to cover my ears for a jog (my ears + wind = tragedy), and i did not realise 1. how well they keep the wind out of ears (no ear ache for me, no no no) and 2. how much better music sounds with giant headphones. anyway, i then was on a mission to get me some beats by dr.dre. i chose the solo hd ones in red because i am a misery and never wear any colour and now i wear red headphones. every day. they are amazing, honestly, my music sounds so much better, the bass is banging. other pro's include - they are comfy, they do not fall off my head when i attempt to do interval training at the gym and you can't hear anything outside of them. totes recommend to anyone.

K x