Wednesday, 20 June 2012

new child

i am quite the happy bean this week, so not only have i finished school forever but i have acquired a new bag baby. her name is jane, she is beautiful. sally and i poodled along to the selfridges sale after she finished work and we both saw the alexander wang bag sale stand. there really is nothing quite as exciting as that, well actually if celine or chanel had a proper sale stand i think i'd pass out, i'm even getting overwhelmed by the thought. anyway, we found ourselves walking around selfridges with a wang bag on both shoulders (we were coincidently wearing our first born wangs) and then, i don't really know how it happened, but i bought mine. rocco now has little sister jane. sally was a great role model for you all, she decided to save her money (she was carrying the jane shoulder bag, she bid a tough farewell). i however am a shameful human being, but i can actually justify this shiz - i needed a summer bag. and voila, i have one. and she's perfect. it looks like a backpack, but it isn't one. it is covered in wonderful gold zips. it has enough pockets i even have one to put my heinz ketchup sachets in (you can't risk a lack of good ketchup these days). it is a the most delightful toffee colour. and the leather is so soft that the man-friend will be sleeping in the spare bunk so i can cuddle/stroke her. aaah.

K x