Wednesday, 12 December 2012

new in / ii

and here is part two of the order. my little rocco baby is a tad battered, i've used it consistently every single day since i bought it (i'm not so great at bag alternation) and i thought he should get a bit of time off. and so i've been searching for a barrel bag that was similar but not too similar. checklist was as follows - black (any other coloured bags and i are like any other coloured bags with babies armed with pens), hard-wearing, grainy leather (easier to be less kind to), multi-carry option (short handles + long strap) and obviously it had to be very handsome. i've been keen on the givenchy antigona in the grainy leather but it looked so pristine i was scared i'd destroy it, and also the medium céline boston (i'm still pretty sure that i might have to save up for him. too yummy to dismiss). anyway, i found this beaut at burberry and knew she was the one. it's a mix of canvas with suede (the all leather wouldn't last my non-gentleness) and it's just so wonderful. i nearly cried with happiness when my 1.5 litre bottle of evian fitted in even better than it did in rocco. i'm still in the honeymoon phase and am quite happy and sure knowing it will take a while to get out of.

K x