Monday, 10 December 2012

tis the season

due to having an actual real life job now, christmassy fun for me this year has been quite non-existent. i tried to jazz up and christmasfy my flat up, but without being back in cambridge buying 13ft trees with my baby bro, it just doesn't feel the same. anyway, the london answer to festive fun is winter wonderland. i went along last night for the second time and it kind of does the trick. due to being in a food coma from muriel's, i obvs saved dollar avoiding purchasing the overpriced food. it is kind of like christmas instagram heaven, and i actually had a lol in the bavarian village where the ultra-snazzy german dj played gangham style and the ground shook from (drunk) merry goers. the lack of festive music meant i was able to come home and play my favourite christmas shiz till bed time. wonderful. 

K x